Canada’s climate is responsible for a large number of customs and social “rites”. The country’s geography and climate are fundamental to the Canadian mentality and character.


Canada has four seasons: (winter, spring, summer and autumn). Canadians enjoy a large number of outdoor activities, according to the season.


Spring: After the winter months, the arrival of spring on the 21st of March heralds an exciting and invigorating period. Nature awakens and flowers burst forth. The air is warmer, the sap starts to rise and fresh maple syrup can be enjoyed in a number of seasonal dishes.


Summer: Summer starts on the 21st of June and a party atmosphere reigns in many cities. Innumerable outdoor festivals and activities, including in the country side, are organised. You can go to fresh water beaches, water parks and many amusement parks. Different cities, such as Toronto and Montreal organise jazz, Latin music, French music and film festivals, etc.


Autumn: Autumn starts on the 21st of September. It is one of Canada’s finest seasons because of the colours of the trees in its forests and parks. This is the perfect season for visiting the countryside to try local produce, take a bike ride and discover different regions and places or enjoy the fresh air on a family picnic.


Winter: Winter starts on the 21st of December. Temperatures vary between 5°C and -18°C and snow covers Canada’s cities and its extensive forests. Winter activities include ice skating, skiing, snowmobile riding or simply walking using traditional Canadian snow shoes.