Education and health


As a liberal democracy, Canada is concerned for its citizens’ welfare. Its health service, known as “Medicare” provides basic care to the entire population. This regime, financed jointly by the federal government and provincial governments, is administered by the provinces in accordance with the needs of their respective populations. Everyone with a permanent resident visa is eligible underto to the system.

Universal health care means that Canadians receive high-quality care, comparable to that received by United States citizens with private health insurance.

The 2006 World Competitiveness Index rated Canadian health and education systems in second place.

Canada invests to provide its citizens with the best at all stages of their lives. Citizens and permanent residents have the right to free schooling from kindergarten through to the end of high school. Further education is also free for residents of Quebec.

The cost of a first-class university education is lower at Canadian universities than in the United States. In contrast to foreign students, the children of immigrants pay the same as Canadian citizens. Students who need financial help can obtain student loans and scholarships.

The quality of our universities is renowned throughout the world. Many international students, including from the United States, decide to study in Canada.