An Invitation to Canada

“Since 2006, Canada has reached each year record-high numbers in immigration for nearly a century. This is mostly due to skilled worker immigrants and their families. Thanks to its great quality of life, its open society, its economic stability and its great natural beauty, Canada has welcomed a great deal of immigrants. We are a country founded by immigrants and we are proud of our multicultural richness. I invite you to share in our life style and be a part of the diversity and growth of this great country”

Karim Mouldi, President of SEDAV

Karim Mouldi, President of SEDAV, has wide expertise in Canadian immigration and over 30 years in the Canadian business field. Mr. Mouldi is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and is a Registered Immigration Consultant of the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities of Quebec.

Only individuals who have demonstrated their knowledge and their capacity to provide advice and represent people who wish to immigrate to Canada, are allowed to join this entity. Members must have passed a test of ethic knowledge and proven their good character.

Only immigration consultants or lawyers can represent before the Ministry of Immigration.